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Molly Linen

Please Please You You presents
Molly Linen
+ Cult Party
Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Tuesday 12th November, 7.30pm.
Tickets are £5 in advance from the link below.

Two artists that individually stopped us in our tracks completely about ten seconds into the first song we heard. Together one one bill for a fiver. We can't wait.


Milly Linen's 'Away' -
Cult Party's 'I Got The Blues This Morning' -

Molly Linen

‘Away’ is the heavenly debut single by Shropshire’s finest Molly Linen – a brand new signing to Lost Map Records. Molly Linen is a songwriter and guitarist from the West Midlands, now based in Glasgow. She creates atmospheric, captivating and personal songs, led by melodic guitar lines and lulling yet hypnotic vocals, drawing influences from artists such as Devon Sproule and Nick Drake. Members of her band include Beth Chalmers, Caio Wheelhouse, Colin Campbell and Liam Chapman (who also drums with C Duncan). ‘Away’ and ‘Over That Hill’ were recorded by Ronan Fay at Green Door Studios in Glasgow. “‘Away’ touches on remembering some feelings of difference between myself and other people at a younger age,” Molly explains, “whilst ‘Over That Hill’ is about how climbing a hill can sometimes help me put things into perspective.”

Molly Linen’s debut EP will be released later this year.

Cult Party

Leo Robinson is one of those rare and special people for whom making music and art seems to be neither pastime nor vocation and not so much compulsion as mere inevitability, a way of living. His most recent album ‘Eternal Love And The Death Of Everything’ (Maybles) was intended to be his last, and the concert to launch it (accompanied by six singers and a singing saw in addition to a full band) the last Cult Party performance. Thankfully for all of us there was a change of heart and a new album is coming this year. Whether accompanying his songs solo with organ, cello or guitar, or playing with any variant of his loose and fluid ensembles Cult Party shows are always deeply affecting and meditative and drenched in the generosity of one attempting to really give something of theirs to you.
'Sounds From the Other City'

Sad hits for all the family (lest there are happy members of it), it's the brand new record by not-at-all-super stars Cult Party! This wonderful band may have been a solitary, self-preserving bedroom band once upon a time, but on And Then There Was This Sound songwriter Leo Robinson opens up his sounds with the help of pals including weirdo rocker Kiran Leonard. Creative and wayward without sacrificing the delicate and skeletal sound of old, this record is bound to be special.
'Norman Records'

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