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Think Tank: First Birthday ft. Bambooman (+ More)

One year down! 🍰 🎉

Where did the time go? To celebrate, we thought we'd take things downstairs for once, and bring you something a little bit extra special :) 

Here's to another year of healing through music! 🥂



Following his debut release on Sonic Router in 2013, Bambooman has spent the past 5 years making serious waves across the UK electronic music scene, with his unique blend of warm, organic textures and sparse, tasteful beats resulting in a sound that can truly be defined as his own. 

Despite forging such a definitive musical identity, Bambooman retains an eclecticism to his sound that leaves many listeners genuinely wondering what he might do next, coupled with the confident assurance that, no matter what, it will definitely be a treat. 

Nowhere is this more evident than on his absolutely sublime LP, ‘Whispers’, released on Matthew Herbert’s Imprint ‘Accidental Jr’ in 2017. Whether he’s flirting with Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Ambient, or simply just observing the world around him, each element is incorporated with a deliberate precision that speaks of an artist in complete control of his craft, and with a genuine love of sound/its infinite potential.

His live performances are no exception, and his sets have garnered a well-earned reputation for filling dancefloors and nodding heads in equal measure.

We honestly can’t think of a better way of celebrating our first birthday than this - Do not sleep!


After one year, five events and a wide range of truly unique and inspiring performances, trust us when we say that Elsa Hewitt is the type of artist that Think Tank was born to curate. 

After winning the PRS Foundation Lynsey de Paul Prize in 2016, Elsa went on to release three albums in the following year; 'Cameras From Mars', 'Dum Spiro Spero' and 'Peng Variations'. She also recently dropped her first entirely ambient EP, ‘Quilt Jams’, which serves as a prelude to her new upcoming album (the first singles of which should be appearing later this summer).

Despite maintaining such a staggering rate of output, Elsa’s music consistently retains the quality that makes it so special (and consequently so perfect for this event). To quote ‘An Earful’, ‘Hewitt makes music partly as an act of self-care, and the enveloping, immersive nature of her sound-world translates that compassion directly to you - and we can always use more of that in the world!"

We couldn’t agree more!


Those of you who recall our third event will also remember that memotone sadly had to cancel his performance due to last minute transportation issues. Ever the gentleman, however, he has kindly agreed to once again attempt the treacherous journey up the M5 to join us for our birthday celebrations! 

With a string of releases on Black Acre Records (including 2016’s hauntingly beautiful, ‘Chime Hours’) and collaborations that include the likes of Phaeleh and Dmitry Evgrafov, we are honoured to finally be able to give him a proper welcome to the Tank. 

A man of many talents, Memotone will be combining layers of samples, live electronics and multi-instrumentation to craft a truly immersive ambient experience. This one is not to be missed!


What can really be said of Simon Exodus Scott that most Leeds heads will not already be aware of?

As the man behind Tribe Records, Dancehall Science, Exodus, Subdub, and of course, Outlook/Dimensions Festival, his impact on the UK underground music scene (and beyond) cannot be understated. It goes without saying that he is largely responsible for introducing an entire generation of Yorkshire ravers to sound system culture, and we are very excited that he has accepted our invitation to perform for us. 

We cannot wait for him to dig into the more leftfield/ambient part of his collection, in what promises to be a uniquely introspective and experimental set.


At this point, it is definitely fair to say that Us and It has become an integral part of the Think Tank fabric. Aside from already gracing our stage with two wonderful performances, he is also the man responsible for all of our promotional artwork, which has gradually come to form a huge part of our identity as a night. 

When it comes to his music, Us and It has an uncanny ear for rhythm and melody, and is practically unrivalled in the art of teasing beauty out of chaos. The enthusiasm and emotion he exudes during his live sets is downright infectious, and we have yet to witness a performance of his that did not succeed in completely stopping audience members in their tracks. 

Get to know!


7pm - 12am



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