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Super Scratch Sunday

Following the success of the previous event in March, Super Scratch Sunday returns to Leeds. Come and join Scratch DJ’s from all over the UK for a day dedicated to all things turntablism. This is an all day event and you are encouraged to have a go yourself with some of the best scratch DJ’s from around the country and hosted by The Leeds Scratch Collective. 

Super Scratch Sunday started life in London as a friendly, semi-regular scratch session, mostly attended by members of the Digital Vertigo forum, and held in peoples houses.
As the sessions became more organised and more people started attending, SSS needed bigger locations and so DJ Dubbadutch and Rockwell's studio in Rye became a regular spot because of its awesome soundsystem and tea-making facilities.... As momentum picked up it started to move further afield and headed to Bristol where it featured battles and performances in pubs and shops, making the whole thing more public.
The SSS crew started attending the yearly Community Skratch BBQ and so the session grew even more. Now SSS comes to Leeds linking crews of the South with the North.

Showcases on the day brought to you by

1999 DMC UK Finalist, Fleapit, Gimpmask

2014/15 Online DMC Finalist

Hosted by
The Leeds Scratch Collective