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December '91 / Quitter

December '91 / Quitter
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December ’91 is the music of Craig Ferrie – a songwriter who consistently & assuredly travels in a direction all his own vision. His releases are a blend of imperfect confessional folk and achingly conflicted punk. All harnessed around intriguing lyrics and a distinctive vocal, he manages to tease the erstwhile middle-of-the-road ‘singer-songwriter’ label towards unchartered, unhinged territory whilst never losing the ability to write a (bastardised) hook.

Anti-folk vibes with comparisons to Kurt Vile, Mac Demarco & Neutral Milk Hotel.

Kenny Bates started out under the moniker ‘lefthand’ as a means to bring the elements he loves in post-punk, noise, 90s indie/emo, soundscape and ambient music into a singer-songwriter format. Live, this primarily takes the form of solo electric guitar and vocals, using effects pedals and a drum machine to inject subtle textures and blend one song into the next, creating an organic and largely improvisational flow to his set. It’s unusual and ever-evolving, but relatable and engaging.

With a new forthcoming album, Kenny will now be performing under the name ‘Quitter‘.

For fans of Conor Oberst, American Football, Joan Of Arc, David Pajo.