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Tight Lines Jam - Manchester Special


This month we've got some Manc oriented delights for you...

22:00 : Plume
Coming across the pennines for their second appearance at Tight Lines Jam are Plume. If you were lucky enough to catch 'em the first time you'll know they're a gift to your ears... A super tight outfit that float beautiful vocals over ambient soundscapes all backed up by deep groove. HEV.

21:00 : Jam
ANYbody welcome. Let's make some music. Triangles welcome.

20:30 : TL presents... Mr Scruff
Staying true to the Manny vibe, we thought we'd tribute a super stanky sampler and a world renowned selector. We'll buy you a drink if you wear a significant amount of spandex, man.

19:30 : artephis
Opening the evening and making their Leeds debut is artephis. To be honest, even we don't know what to expect: we've seen videos of full orchestra funky madness and small group Jazz vibes so fuck knows, we do know however, that the lines will be tight and the vibe, strong.