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All Day Electronic Music Event /w Art Exhibition

All Day Electronic Music Event /w Art Exhibition

Leftovers, Attenuation and Mutualism converge to host an all day event dedicated to electronic music and contemporary art, showcased through live performances, an art exhibition and workshops on music tech and beyond. 

All welcome with an open mind. Help us create an environment where thoughts can be provoked and reflected on through art and music.

We're super psyched for this one!

3 p.m - 11 p.m /HPBC/ £3 OTD

Art Exhibition:
Alexander Elson (Attenuation)

Live Performances:

Sam Ridout
live and improvised experimental electronic sounds

Joe Qj
lush melodies, with strong rhythms without aiming for the goal of being "danceable to", intruiging scapes and experimental with golden thread

challenging and compelling rhythms, indicisive about being maximalist and minimalist

Helge E
makes you think, makes you dance, conceptual electronic music

BFTT (Leftovers)
debut live performance - ard techno and weirdo sounds

Jorge Boehringer
Jorge Boehringer's solo project Core of the Coalman(US/CZ), is an open sketchbook, and a collection of compositions in a state of evolution. This performance is a moment of frozen time, thawed live like a Tyrolean mummy, with the aim of hearing oneself hearing. 

Burst Synapse
imagine if you took a sheffield steel mill and put it through 15 distortion pedals with a big nasty kick in the mix...

Howes X Haddon (Cong Burn Waves)
two dudes behind the incredible Cong Burn Waves label putting out a wide variety of experimental electronic music

Algobabez feat. G_Bop (Joanne + Shelly Knotts)
in the words of Dom Clare: 
two radical female live coding pioneers, creating and processing audio by hand typing computer code, triggering samples and a 707 into a wild but rhythmic almost no-wave techno throw down. Academically informed it may be, but you wont find many other acts going in as hard. Unique and brilliant.

Later Event: 26 June
Sunday Sermon