TEA - Brew Tea

Bags - Black, Earl grey, Mint, Green, Fruit  £2

Loose Leaf Pot - Black, Green, Fruit         £3.5



Roasted locally by Maude Coffee of Leeds

Espresso £2 - Dbl Espresso £3

Americano £2.3 - Cappuccino £2.6

Latte £2.6 - Flat White £2.6 - Macchiato £2

Flat white- £2.6


Hot Chocolate £2.6 (Soya milk add 20p)

Noffee (caffeine free / roasted barley / rye / chicory) £1.5

Fresh ginger, lemon and honey   £2

Mocha- £2.8

Tea- Brew Tea- Black// Earl Grey// Green// Mint// Lemon & Ginger// Fruit// Chai- Mug £2 Pot £3


Cold Brew Maude coffee/cold brew lemonade tea £3

Cans/ Water All £1.5

Juice : Orange/Apple/Cranberry/Grapefruit/Tomato £1.5

A changing range of bottles- £2.5


Sharing plates

Brie, halloumi, chedder, olives, cornichons, mixed leaves, crusty bread, olive oil, balsamic- £7/£14

Sun-dried tomatoes, hummus, avocado, olives, apple chutney, mixed leaves, crusty bread, olive oil, balsamic- £7/14


House White/ Red   £4/£12

Fauno Sauvignon Blanc/ Garnacha Shiraz   £4.5/£14.50

False Bay Rose                                                  £4.5/£14.50

Pable Walter Malbec/ Mirabello Pinot Grigio £5/£16

Mirabello Pinot Grigio £5/£16

Eve Chadonnay £5.5/ £20

Dolce Colline Prosecco               £20



Maeloc £3

Old Mout Cider £4

Aspall's £4.5

Caple Road £3.5


Estrella £2.8

Daura (GF) £3



Vedett Extra Blond- £3.5

Guests Beers - Please ask


We stock a wide range of spirits, from standard favourites to interesting small batch brews. Please ask at the bar.

Single Standard range: £3.0 w-mixer £3.5 / Double £5.0 w-mixer £5.5




brunch- served until 4pm

Book Club Breakfast- 2 x veg butcher sausages, 2 eggs, mushrooms, heinz beanz, thick cut toast and butter- £6.50

Better Breakfast- avocado and spinach with lemon juice, pumpkin seeds and extra virgin olive oil on thick cut toast- £6

Breakfast bagel- veg butcher sausage, spinach, avocado and fried egg on a toasted bagel- £5

Breakfast bowl- thick greek yogurt with seasonal fruit, maple syrup or honey and pumpkin seeds- £4

-add granola £4

Eggs//beans on toast- £4

Egg//Sausage sandwich- £3.5

Granola & almond milk- £4

Thick cut toast &...£2.5

Freshly made pastries- £2

Smoothies and Lassis- £3


Soup of the day served with fresh bread- £5

Hot Special-always vegan/ always gf- £6

Classic burger- veg butcher burger served on toasted brioche with mixed leaves, tomato, pickles, red onion, mayo, ketchup and french classic mustard- £5

-add cheese 50p      -make it a double- £1

SANDWICHES and salads


All sandwiches are served on a choice of breads, or as a wrap.

All served with mixed leaves, carrot, radish, tomato and red onion with a choice of condiments (bbq/piri piri/sriracha/chutney/mustard/ketchup/brown sauce/sweet chilli/mayo/vegan mayo)


-veg butcher meatball                     £5//£6.5

-veg butcher chicken                      £5//£6.5

-hummus and olive                         £4//£6.5

-veg butcher sausage                      £5//£6.5

-halloumi                                 £4//£6.5

-avocado & grilled mushrooms              £4//£6


- Crusty Bread, Olive Oil, Balsamic - £3.5

- Sharing snacks - olives/peanuts/pistachios/comichons £2 or 3 for £5

-BBQ Beans- £1.5

Salad Bowl- £3

-savouries-individually priced

- Crisps/Snack Bars           Individually priced

- Cakes                       Individually priced

- Northern bloc Ice-cream     £3

- Cakes- Individually price


Weekly Specials. Local and Ethical sourcing.

Please ask for allergen info.